in case you wanted to know.

Since I don't have a baby book just yet and this is really my only way of journaling these first few months of my very first pregnancy, I'm just going to give you guys {and more importantly, me!} a little run down on how things have been going.

How far along: A little over 13 weeks
Size of the baby: About the size of a lemon (3 in. long)
Total weight gain/loss: When I first found out I was pregnant and the nausea really set in, I lost probably 6 pounds, and so far I haven't gained any back -- even though the Dr. says I gained a pound. I think that was from the 1/2 Sprite I was forced to drink to get the baby to move in the right position during my first ultrasound {more on that later}.
Maternity clothes: None so far, but last Wednesday was the first day I used a rubberband to button my pants
Cravings: None so far
Symptoms: Nausea, indigestion, bad taste in my mouth, headaches and a little bit of fatigue {the 2nd trimester can't get here soon enough!}

So, about 10 days ago J and I had our second Dr. appointment and that's when we finally saw our little guy/gal and heard it's heartbeat! I cannot even begin to explain how amazing of an experience that was!

I'd obviously told a bunch a people about being pregnant, but was a little uneasy about spreading the news without ever seeing the baby. But, on Thursday it was confirmed. The heartbeat was strong and fast {169 bpm} and our little peanut was a bit stubborn. The nurse was trying to measure the back of it's neck and it would not get in the needed position. We {I} tried sit ups, coughing and finally I had to down half a Sprite before we could get the reading we needed -- everything looked great!

Last Wednesday I pulled some jeans out of the dryer and that's when it happened -- they wouldn't button. So, I resorted to a rubberband. I've been using the rubberband {with those jeans only, so far} since and I need to go by Target to get a BeBand. I would provide a bump picture, but there really isn't much to show just yet.

Since we've started spreading the news, we constantly get asked if we know what we're having {a baby, duh! haha...sorry...} or if we're going to find out. At this point, we aren't going to find out the sex, but both J and I reserve the right to change our minds. I can just see us getting to that appointment and the nurse is looking at the ultrasound, saying "Are you suuuuure???" and that's when I cave!

As far as turning one of our rooms into a nursery goes, we're moving very slowly. The room we plan on using has been a bit of a catchall for the last four years, so we're going to need to clean out closets and pack stuff away in order to move stuff out of that room and closet to make room for baby. As the room gets closer to resembling a nursery I'll be sure to post pics.

To be honest, with the ultrasounds, this pregnancy thing is starting to sink in, but it's still very surreal. I don't know that things will really hit me until I really start showing. Weird!