This friday marks the beginning of the end of Harry Potter. As a devoted reader/fan I'm both elated and sad to see this day.

On the one hand, those books are some of my favorites and I'm sad to think that there's only one more movie installment left before Harry, Hermione and Ron are a thing of the past. They proved to be quite the conversation piece for me and some of my friends {college students at the time} and we never failed to chat about the movies -- what we liked, what we loved, and what should have been in the movie that wasn't.

{small aside: When Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix came out, I was reading/devouring the book with avengeance. Among my friends, I was the first one finished and it was so annoying! I couldn't not read as fast as I could, but when I finished, I had no one to discuss theories/possible scenarios with! Maybe you don't care, but I may or may not have a story about getting/reading all of the books in the series.}

On the other hand, I'm so excited to see this movie and see how they interpret and shot so many of the parts. I'm really hoping that the movie lives up to my imagination, but they never really do.

I'm planning to see it with one of my faithful HP-loving girlfriends next Wednesday. I have to admit, though, I wish I was going to the midnight showing. I've never done it before! Maybe I'll save my first time for the last half of HPatDH.