i'm alllive!

I'm sure you guys have been not at all worried wondering where I disappeared to, huh?

I can assure you, I'm fine, just busy and not at all finding time in the evenings to blog. Sorry!

Last weekend we had tons of family in town for a big football game against Florida State {thankfully we looked tons better than our season opener}. My brother {in Denver}, his father in law, his brother in law, my parents, my other brother {in Austin}, my aunt and uncle and cousin were all in Norman for a mini reunion of sorts. Although they were pretty much all here from Thursday to Sunday, I still didn't feel like we had enough time together!

Not only did we have tons of family in town, we also had a couple of friends staying out our house for the game. Needless to say, we were torn in many different directions -- always stressful, but it was beyond nice to have everyone together for something other than a holiday.

Then, my brother {in Austin} and my dad came back up for the Air Force game this weekend {too bad we looked more like the team that played Utah State, than the one that showed up against Florida State...}.

So, life has been super busy, but definitely good.

Hopefully I'll be back more frequently this week!

Hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend!