another girl crush.

We all know I have a thing for Lauren Conrad. She'll always be my first girl crush, but there's a new lady making my eyes go awanderin'.

Bethenny Frankel.

We first met on the first season of Real Housewives of NYC. I liked her then, but my real favorite was Ramona "Crazy Eyes" Singer {she was just too crazy not to love}. Each season, I like Bethenny more and more, and it was especially true this season. She was in love and pregnant and not taking anyone's sh*t. She pretty much called everyone out at one point or another, and yet, they all respected her in the end for doing so {some more than others. ahem, Jill... and Kelly, but that's a completely different story}.

Then, her fabulous show, Bethenny Getting Married? started, and I finally got an hour of just Bethenny. Sure, she's a lot to handle and, sure, she's a little more sarcastic sometimes than I think is necessary. But, that's who she is, and that's who she'll always be.

So, not only is she a hardass, but she's funny, emotional, super gorgeous {she rocks that square jaw of hers} and she seems like she'll be a good wife and mom {is that a stretch? maybe...}. Oh, and she kinda whores out her Skinnygirl products {hello Skinnygirl VW bug}, but that just makes me want to try them more!

And, because I love her so, here is her Bluefly commercial? Loves!