energizer bunny.

We've been going and going and going since Thursday, and I haven't had the time {or the want} to sit in front of the computer and put together a coherent thought about everything we did. But, we had a great time, and I think Mia put together a fabulous memorial for my grandfather, Popi. And, I got some great pics of the church, the people and some of the pictures that my family brought! Don't you love old photos??

In the meantime, please enjoy this pic. J's parents were in NYC from last Tuesday until today. And, even though I was beyond jealous that they were in that fabulous city, I'm glad we were able to celebrate Popi. Plus, there's no doubt that J and I will make it back to NYC as soon as we can!

Now, here's hoping I'll have a spare moment when I'll actually want to spend some downtime on the computer to post about this past weekend.

Have a good week, friends!