back, back, back to school.

I mentioned that I started school again

Here's the back story: I decided sometime last summer that I wanted to go back to school and learn more about graphic design. {I have a Bachelors in Advertising and had some prior knowledge of Photoshop. Now I work for a magazine and have more working knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, but I know there's more to learn, especially about typograghy, layout, etc.}

My first thought was to go back to OU for another Bachelor's degree. But, after finding out that it's a full 4 year degree {even though I've got my Gen-Eds behind me and there might be some other credits that would transfer}, I decided that at 26 going back to school for four years wasn't really an option. 

So, J had a great idea. Apparently Oklahoma has great technical schools. I applied, and after a year of waiting {ridiculous, if you ask me}, I've finally started. My first day was last Thursday, and let me tell ya ... I had butterflies. Let me just give you the picture I had before I started: a class full of high schoolers, me sticking out like a sore thumb and the potential to not learn anything new. 

I showed up on Thursday and only one of those things was true -- I was the only true adult in the class. {There is one girl that graduated in May, but I don't really consider her to be an adult. Sorry!}

I got asked several times what school I went to or what grade I was in, and I always gave the same cryptic answer, "I'm not in high school." I wasn't about to reveal my true age. Not yet. They've since found out, and every single one of them has said I don't look that old, more like 18 or 19.

The first two days were very tedious, but I could tell from the teacher's experience that I really would learn all the stuff I wanted, I'd just have to wade through the boring stuff at first, and be patient. 

Here are a few of the funniest tidbits so far:

• After finding out I'd been to college, during our break {yep, 15 minute break from 9:30 to 9:45}, another student said to me, "So, you've actually been to college??"

• The other "adult" student spelled quiz with two Zs

• I learned that once the flag is put in the classroom, we'll be saying the Pledge of Allegiance

• We got the school handbook and syllabus and read through it line by line, page by page and the syllabus had to be signed by a parent

• After reading through the handbook, the teacher announced that we'd have a quiz{z} on it.

• When one student found out that I was 27, she asked if J and I were going to start a family

• We played the name game {That's Jamie, she likes Hello Kitty. That's Grace, she likes photography. I'm Emily, I like shopping. Btw, those are all actual "likes" from our name game}

• I have to wear a name badge

• If you're caught with your cell phone, they'll take it up and you can get it at the end of the class. And, if it happens more than once, it goes in the Principal's desk {yep, a principal too} and your parent has to come get it.

Those are the highlights. If I think of any other funny ones {and if more come up, because I know they will...}, I'll definitely post them.

It's so weird to be back around high schoolers. They seem so dependent and always tired. Was I like that? Pshhh, no way.