auntie em and unkie john.

We had the best time in Denver with my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew. It's been awhile since we'd spent a lot of time with a toddler and a 4 year old, but wow, by the time we got back to Oklahoma, we were exhausted! Kudos to B & T for putting up with those two, because they are nonstop! But I can safely say, we loved every minute of it.

On Saturday we loaded up the car {4 adults and two carseats...} and headed to downtown Denver. We had breakfast at Sam's 3 and then after hearing requests for it all through the meal, we walked toward the mall area and rode a MallRide bus. We even made it to Hard Rock Cafe so J could get a Denver guitar pin to add to his {dorky} collection. After that we went to the historic and gorgeous Brown Palace. That hotel is out of a different era. It's so retro and classic. I'd love to stay there sometime.

After our downtown adventure we loaded back into the car {again, 4 adults and two carseats} and headed back south to B&Ts house. When we got back, we played with the kids some and then it was naptime! I realize why every parent loves naptime so much. The quiet was welcome!

After nap, we went to the neighborhood park/pool where one of our nephew's friends was having a birthday party. The rain came and went and by the time we made it, we skipped the pool and played on the swings and ran around on the playground equipment. Hannah stayed on the swings 98% of the time we were there and she insisted that J push her on the swing. She wouldn't have it any other way.

We had dinner at B&Ts that night {kabobs, mac&cheese and artichokes} and then we just hung out and played with the kids. 

I know both J and I had a great time. I really wish that they all lived closer so we could see them way more often. But, I guess, for now, we'll have to really enjoy the times that we get to spend with them and make a better effort of going out to Denver to see them {and them coming to see us!}. 

But, honestly, they need to move closer.