my thoughts on ...

This season of The Bachelorette.

I haven't been diligently watching each episode, but I've seen enough to have many opinions about Ali as the current Bachelorette.

First of all, I remember Ali on Jake's season and she definitely didn't have that nasty hair. What does this mean? She has nasty extensions. And those nasty extensions look neither real nor good. They're usually pretty stringy. Good work hair people, good work.

The girl's got some nice abs, though.

Also, Ali used to be such a cute all-American type of girl. Now, she's caked with make up. And, a big kudos go out to the make up people as well.

Ali seems to be a pretty smart woman, with a good head on her shoulders {save for that time that she chose her job over Jake, but really that probably wouldn't have worked out anyway, seeing as how he's a total famewhore}, but she has got to stop giggling. And hugging.

Everytime someone opens their mouth, Ali is already giggling in anticipation of what they're going to say. And, anytime someone shows her something or she and her date{s} arrive at a new location, she's all giggles and hugs. I like to laugh and hug as much as the next person, but Ali is on a whole other level. Someone {namely whoever scripts this stuff}, please tell her to cut it out.

But, all in all, I feel sorry for Ali. Here she is looking for love and she doesn't have squat to choose from. Most of the guys are pretty terrible, and even though I don't know their names, I have a good idea about the potential suitors. There was the goofy "Weatherman" and the most-hated-man-in-Bachelorette-history, Justin "Rated R" Rego. And, there was that guy that sounded like he had a constant bubble in his throat {so annoying! clear your throat, already!}. And the guy that supposedly quit the show because he was still in love with his girlfriend.

Anyway, I hear that Ali doesn't choose anyone {thanks RealitySteve} but does get a fabulous vacation in Bora Bora. Pretty nice consolation prize, huh?

But, really, who's surprised? Like I said, the guys were nothing to write home about.