eye of the tiger.

Ya know, animal print is one of those mainstays. No matter what's going on in the world of fashion or interior design, a little pop of animal print will always be ok. Now, remember, too much animal print is just plain too much, but a little here or there can be a good thing. I consider it a neutral like black or brown or navy or gray.

Here are some of my favorite animal prints.

The Safari Chair from Home Decorators {an affiliate with Home Depot} $219

A hand-tufted "Gammin" rug from Overstock.

{I guess I really like Zebra print...}

Tory Burch Leopard Revas {have them, love them!}

Snake Print Revas {Is snake skin/print even in the animal print family?}

Lucite tray from iomoi. $100 - $995 and they come in many different patterns, not just animal prints {mom, dad, brothers, J? I want one!}

What do you guys think of animal print? Do you have any in your house?