who has two thumbs and won a tv Saturday night?

I do!

At the banquet for the 2nd Annual Billy Khourie Memorial Golf Tournament there was a raffle for several big ticket items: an all expenses paid trip to Vegas, floor seats to a Thunder game and a signed basketball, an iPad. Oh, and a 40" Samsung TV.

With the thought that raffle tickets were only $15, J was going to buy 2 for the tv and one for the Vegas trip. Turns out the tickets were $30 a piece, but he'd already ordered up what he wanted, and since it was for charity, he couldn't really ask for his money back.

And, really, in the end, we won a bomb TV for the total cost of $75 {his brother gave us $15 for part of one of the tickets}. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

Now our main issue is figuring out where to put it.

I'd say it's a good problem to have.