watch what happens.

Tonight is the finale of what was probably the most tumultuous season of Real Housewives of NYC. Many questions are left to answer:

What happened to Kelly and did she get a grip on reality the help she needed?

Will Jill convince Bethenny to be her friend again? {My answer: no. Jill pushed her away too many times. And, Alex already told her that she and B are ovah!}

(I cannot, for the life of me, get this video to embed. So, if you're curious about tonight's episode, click on the link. Ugh!)

Can Countlessess LuAnn sing? {again, my answer: no}

What is new girl, Jennifer, going to bring to the table? {she seems a little more normal than the others and definitely above all the bickering and drama, but we'll just have to watch what happens...ha!}

Even though most episodes were really hard to watch {hello, mean girls!}, I'm sad to see this season end. I'm happy for Ramona -- renewing your vows with the man you love is really sweet. And I'm really happy for Bethenny -- she's married, has an adorable new baby and a thriving career.

Are you tuning in tonight?

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