my thoughts on ...

The last season of The Hills.

I've watched LC, Whitney, Brody, Audrina, Heidi, Spencer and Frankie since day one. And, I'll admit, I was an avid Laguna Beach watcher during my senior year of college. {My first encounter with LB, I was really unsure if these were just really terrible actors or if it was a reality show. Good work MTV. }

Although I've been highly skeptical of the show since LC moved on, I still tuned in. I mean Speidi is a total train wreck and I cannot take my eyes off of them.

But now, with Speidi all but ousted from The Hills and Kristin manufacturing drama, I'm only watching because I've watched from day one.

I don't think I've watched a single episode from this, the last season, live, or even remotely near the date of its original airing. I don't really care about Audrina and Ryan {are they still together? Who cares!} or her weird obsession with Justin Bobby. I don't really care about Kristin and McKaela and Brody and that other girl that some people think looks like LC but really she doesn't at all. I don't really care about Stephanie and trying to find a guy. And I definitely don't care about Stacey.

The only normal-seeming one in the group is Lo because she's never in on the drama and she seems to just go about her life, with a real job and a real boyfriend and other real friends.

they're friends in real life. enough said.

If anything, this show should have ended with Lauren, but no, MTV had to milk it for all it wasn't worth. I'm not sad to see any of these people go or my feeling of having to DVR this show.

Here's hoping some of those people go out and get real jobs, or at least figure out a new and more interesting way to stir up press about themselves.