the last rodeo.

Contrary to popular belief {mine}, J loves baseball. And the Sooners.

So, when OU beat Virginia in the super regionals and made it to Omaha for the College World Series for the first time in 15 years, we had to go.

This was our conversation:

J: When's the College World series again?
E: I think it's this weekend. That's what I keep hearing.
J: Are you sure it's this weekend?
E: Well that's what they keep saying.
J: Look it up. Is it really this weekend?
E: Ugh! {looking, looking...} Yes, it starts this weekend.
J: I'm thinking about going.
E: With who?

After that conversation and some mapquesting, it was a real possibility that we'd be packing up the car and hitting the road for Omaha.

Once we got the tickets and the hotel reservations, it was a done deal. Omaha or bust!

Saturday morning we were off. Our plan was to drive to Topeka and stay the night there and then drive in to Omaha for our 1pm game on Sunday. 

The drive to Topeka was easy and only about 4.5 hours, and even though we had a bit of directions mishap {the upside was getting to see downtown Topeka!}, it was relatively easy to get to and find our hotel. That even we hung out and then had dinner at On the Border. I know, I know...we should have gone somewhere local, but I've been having a bit of a fajita obsession and I had to get my fix. 

We went to bed early on Saturday night because we knew we'd have to hit the road around 7 or 7:30 for the 3 hour drive to Omaha. {We wanted to get there early to pick up our tickets and walk around}

Unfortunately it rained on us the whole way there {an omen for weather to come in Omaha}, but we made it just fine -- and brought the rain with us. 

By game time the rain had mostly stopped, but I guess there was lightening in the area, which means the game was delayed. Around 1:45 or so, they told us that they were going to wait until 3 to make a decision as to when they would start the game. So, to make the most of the delay, J and I left the stadium and wandered to a bar down the street, Starsky's.

It was packed, but we had a blast! We met several people who were native Omahans {is that even right?}. They go to the CWS every year and all of them expressed how sad they were that the NCAA and the city of Omaha were tearing down Rosenblatt and building a newer stadium down the street.

We stayed at Starky's for about 3 or 4 hours and some of our new friends bought us some beer! By around 4:45 or so we'd heard that our guys were warming up and that the first pitch would be thrown at 5:24 {so exact}.

The weather for the next two hours was pretty perfect. Sunny, cool and with a nice breeze. But, then around 7:30 the game was delayed again for more lightening in the area. This delay was not fun. We left the stadium and stood outside and people-watched and then walked around inside and then finally just went to some seats to sit down. The game started again at 9, with only about a third of the spectators. 

Even though we all had a mild heart attack in the last inning, the Sooners won and went home {tired and} victorious! Oh, and whatever lightening it was that caused the first two delays was nothing in comparison to the lightening show we had at the end of the game.

The countryside between central Emporia and Omaha is really pretty. Around Emporia are the flint hills. They span for miles and there are cows of different colors everywhere. And then on the way to Omaha from Topeka there are tons of old abandoned barns and hills and tons of creeks, and streams and rivers. So pretty. I have some pics of barns, but I'll save that for a post of its own.