decorate my walls.

I've mentioned this before, but J and I have lived in our house for four years, and not until recently did we really start to tackle decorating the place.

We painted the living/kitchen/dining area a couple of years ago, and have slowly been painting the rest of the house. The previous owners loved their butter yellow, but I had other {more neutral -- save for the kitchen} colors in mind.

Anyway, I've also mentioned previously that J and I want to do a couple of gallery walls in the house: one above the couch in the living room and one above or across from our bed in the master bedroom.

Since making that decision, I've been trying to make decisions on what all I'd like to have framed and/or hanging on our walls. {And, I'm not the best at making decisions ...}

Cut to yesterday. I hadn't been on Etsy in quite some time, but I constantly see other blogs posting about the awesome stuff they've found on there. And, yes, I've found some cool stuff, too, but I've only bought one thing and it's currently hanging in the house -- and wirewrapped M.

I'm a Chi Omega {hoot, hoot} and really would like to have a little owl representation in our house. Side note: J had a friend staying at our house over the weekend for a golf tournament and he thought I was a Kappa because I have a fleur de lis on one of our shelves {from my MIL, who is also a Chi O -- what was she thinking??}

Ok, I'm really getting to the meat of the story now. I found these babies from littlebirdstudio and thought they would be perfect hanging where the previously mentioned M is now, so that we can move the M into our gallery wall. So I got three. And at only $8 a picture, it was pretty much a steal!

I'm really excited to get these babies in and then matted and framed. I'm thinking either a simple black frame or kind of a thin ornate-ish one. What do you think?