The state of my tv watching.

You'd think that since it's May and tv shows should be winding down for season finales, that my tv watching would be slowing down too. Well, that's not exactly the case, and really, I'm exhausted from trying to catch it all. {Sorry this post is sans-pictures. I'm too lazy to pull pictures for every show I watch.}


J and I really love How I Met Your Mother, and were super sad when the episodes we'd dvr'd earlier in the season were lost when we had to get a new Dish receiver. Have no fear, we're back to watching religiously.

I'm still a Gossip Girl watcher. Although this season has been a little lackluster, I'm still with them. I did miss a few episodes when {yep, you guessed it} we had to get a new Dish receiver, but I didn't watch them and I don't feel like I missed much.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood just started again about a month ago, and that one is definitely a guilty pleasure. I love Tori {I kind of never thought I'd say that after her 90210 days} and I think she and Dean are really great together.

And, last night Real Housewives of New Jersey started again. I haven't watched the premier, but I can only imagine it's full of b*tchfests, drama and over-the-top indulgences for all involved {I'm lookin' at you Theresa Guidice, and your three adorable daughters}.


J has loved Deadliest Catch since it started. And, really, I love it too. You can't beat a bunch of grown men being thrown around a boat, cussing up a storm and trying to catch crab worth, like, $55/lb. {that's just a guestimate, people, I don't really know how much it costs}

Glee. Not much else has to be said, except, I'm a little miffed that they moved it from Wednesday to Tuesday and that {sucky} American Idol has been running long, meaning my recording of Glee is cut off! Ugh! But, I'm so glad it's back. And, how awesome was that Madonna episode? I've watched it twice!

I've been with The Hills since it started. In fact, I was with LC in her Laguna Beach days. I miss LC, but I really think she made the right decision to get out of The Hills when she did. That show is so awful now, but, yep, I still watch it. And, it's no secret, I'm glad this is the last season. Good riddance KCav.

Ahhh, Whitney. She's that breath of fresh air after the fog of desperation that is The Hills. I love The City and Olivia has just enough great style to counteract her b*tchiness.


Surprisingly, I don't watch anything on Wednesday nights.


I dvr Vampire Diaries each week, and I'm currently a little over a month behind. For some reason, I never actually want to watch the episodes I've recorded, but once I have, I'm always glad. Hello, there are tons of hot guys and it's like Buffy the Vampire Slayer all over again -- my favorite show from 9th grade.

Real Housewives of New York is on every Thursday. I have loved the RH franchise for a while, but these NY ladies are a little on the annoying side. Jill, LuAnn and Kelly are like the mean girls. They're rude and so judgmental, but when someone else is rude/judgmental toward them -- whoa, step back, because you're going to feel their wrath.


Nothin' on Frid{ee}ay.


There are a few shows on Sunday that I like to catch, but nothing that will cause me to lash out if I miss. That sentiment will change once Big Brother returns this summer. Make me miss it and I might cut you.
Right now, I like 60 Minutes, Amazing Race and Kendra.

Ok, that's a lot of tv. It's exhausting just typing it all out, honestly. Most of it is dvr'd and then I catch up over the weekend. I try my absolute best to never record anything on tv 1 so J can watch whatever he wants. I'm a good wife like that.

What shows are can't-miss for you? {Please tell me there's someone out there who watches as much tv as I do ...}