Oh, just another birthday

Yep, another in the long, long line of birthdays. {We lovingly call it the gauntlet -- have I told you that a hundred times, yet?}

Happy birthday to my oldest brother, Jason!

Four years ago, for a milestone birthday {I figure since he doesn't want his picture on here, he might not want his age on here ...}, we went to the Kentucky Derby. My entire family and {then fiance} John all journeyed to Louisville to celebrate Jason and cheer on the horses. It was so much fun. The weather was perfect and the company was even better.

Barbaro won that year, and really we should have known and bet on him. J got a tip from a bartender at our brunch that the winner of the Bluegrass Stakes is often the winner of the Derby, and in 2006, that's exactly what happened.

We didn't bet on Barbaro, but we had ourselves a few mint juleps and a grand ole time. And even though we haven't kept our promise to "go back every year" we have that great memory and keepsake glasses to prove it!

Happy birthday Jas! When are you taking us to the Derby again??