Nice Little Sunday

We've had a somewhat low-key weekend. Last night we celebrated John's brother's birthday at Seven47. And, as usual, the food and company did not disappoint. But, can I mention that there were some fraternity boys enjoying "Senior Night" on the upstairs patio who were way overserved. We got to Seven47 around 7 and even then those guys were stumbling around and some weren't feeling too well ... if ya know what I mean.

Anyway, we had a great time. 

J and I originally had plans to work in the yard on Saturday, but because of the morning rain we had to move those plans to today. 

So, starting around 1 o'clock I took on the front "flower bed" and J mowed the backyard. I use quotes around flower bed because it's basically two flowering bushes {that actually produce very pretty flowers, but they've taken over everything ... and that just annoys me} and one medium-sized treeish kind of thing. 

I filled four trashbags full of leaves and nastiness and then we removed the wood railroad tie-ish kind of things. Just seeing our front yard look like this gets me really excited about doing some landscaping and finally giving our house a little curb appeal. 

Here are a couple of the after pictures from today. I'm on the hunt for a picture of the front of the house so you can get an idea of what the front looked like before. 

And, we have ambitious plans. We want to tear up the tilework on the front porch and walk way and tear out the small "flower bed" to the side of the walkway and make all of that one big walkway. We want to pour concrete and then stain it. 

I'll keep you posted as we work on our landscaping. And, I have to tell you, I'm kind of excited to be doing this on our own, but I'm really nervous at the same time -- I don't know anything about plants/flowers!

Wish us luck!