a little of this, a little of that.

I've got a few things on my mind ...

The post I did yesterday on craiglook has me really stressed. I emailed the seller of the chair this morning, and I called one upholstery shop in Norman and asked around some, and it seems like reupholstering the chair would cost around $300 for labor alone. I'd have to find some really cute, cheap fabric.

The thing is, I think the chair is really good looking. I love the tufted back, I love the skirt on the bottom and it's really functional. I mean, it rocks and reclines!

My thought is that we could buy it now for cheap, then a little later we could decide on fabric and then whenever we are "with-child" {ha!} we could send it off to be reupholstered -- thus spreading the cost of the chair over a longer span of time.

I'm sure you guys will be the second to know {husband first, always!} if that chair is snatched up.

I read Erin's blog from {I think} last week about going to FitLab and figuring out her resting metabolic rate (RMR) and exercising metabolic rate and how she signed up for thedailyplate.com. It all sounded really interesting and, really, kinda fool proof. I mean if you have all of your information, you should be able to keep track of how many calories your taking in each day.

And, since I've been extremely lax about running, I think it might just be a good idea.

So, I signed up and started tracking my calories today. Wooo! And, I might have made a new goal for myself {Because, if I plan to keep working out regularly, I have to have something to work toward.}:

Run 100 miles in June.
ahhhh! maybe i'm crazy!

Please hold me to this. And, as I did with my half-marathon, I'll probably try to keep an active log on here.

I'm starting on Tuesday June 1. And, yes, I realize this means I need to run more than 3 miles a day. {And, I reserve the right to transfer this goal to July if I can't get myself together...}


This weekend is Memorial Day {uhh, you already knew this right?}. Usually the in-laws have their pool  ready for this holiday, however, they've hit a bit of a snag, and need a new liner {not cheap!}. The new liner is on order, but takes up to 10 business days to be delivered.

So, no pool for MD. Bummer.

What do we have instead?

A few chores around the house, painting a side table, grilling out and drinking fabulous sangria!

Here's the recipe {courtesy of our friend, Jim Blevins}:

4 tumblers of red table wine {we use Carlo Rossi}
2 shots Grenadine
8 shots Triple Sec
 1 8oz. tumbler of Orange Juice
All kinds of citrus fruit {we usually use oranges, lemons and limes -- but I know you can use grapes and apples, pretty much any fruit you like}
And, if we're feeling extra fun, a little bit of vodka

Mix it all together, and if you're feeling patient, let it sit all night.

You won't be disappointed!!