i'm new to this.

I know people find great thing on Craigslist all.the.time, but I just don't really have the patience to go digging through sucky entry after sucky entry, all the while hoping to land upon a gem.

Enter craiglook.com {thanks emily}.

All the stuff on here has pictures! {Well, most of it, anyway. I found one without a picture, ugh!}

I narrowed down my search to the general area and only wanted to look at things under $75 -- and there was some really great stuff!

Like this:

I'm not pregnant or anything, but couldn't you just imagine this in a nursery {after a good recovering of course}. It reclines and rocks! {oh and sorry about the sideways pic, that's how it was on the entry}

And this:

Give this a good wash or coat of paint {black!} and some bright cushions/pillows and it would really perk up your front porch!

I'm still lookin' around {and trying to convince J we need both of these!}, but I'm lovin' craiglook!