Everyone's a little bit OCD

Though you may not be clinically diagnosed with OCD, you probably have a few idiosyncracies. I know I do. Here's a taste of some of mine.

• If I'm eating skittles or m&ms or candy like that that comes in small pieces, I have to have 2 in my mouth at the same time and I must eat them in even numbers. I like to have eaten equal number of pieces on each side of my mouth.

• When I was younger, I had a rug in my bathroom at home, and it had to be lined with up certain tiles on the floor.

• There's a certain way I like the dishwasher loaded -- the cups should be loaded from back to front. And dishes should be loaded with all the dinner plates grouped together and the salad plates grouped together. Although, I have to say, I've become very lax on this one.

Now, that's an organized dishwasher! Can you even see it? That picture is terrible!

I know this is a sad compilation, but that's all I could think of. I know I have more ticks {tics?}. I really had grander plans for this post, but they've crumbled. Whoops!

What are your OCD habits?