The newest installment of the Bachelorette started last night. And, have you noticed {of course you have} that for the past 6 or 7 seven season, the "creators" of the show have just cannibalized a contestant from a previous season {they're not really eating each other, c'mon ... } as the newest Bachelor or Bachelorette? I have too.

It all started with Brad {I think -- I didn't watch this season}, who didn't choose DeAnna. Then she was the Bachelorette. She didn't choose Jason, so he was the newest Bachelor. Then, he gave Jillian the heave-ho and she was the new Bachelorette. She thought Jake was a little too squeaky clean, and he was the Bachelor. Then Ali had to quit for work and now, she's given up her life and is the newest Bachelorette.

Ugh, we need some new faces!

But, I guess that'll have to wait for another season cause we know this is nowhere near the end of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.

Anyway, I tuned in to Ali's season last night. The first thing I noticed? Her awful hair and make up. When she was on Jake's season, she was so fresh-faced and fun, and now? Ugh, she's trying too hard to be glam. Take a page from Jillian's book and be yourself! {I would put some pictures in this post, but the ones I found on made her look way better than she did on tv last night, therefor, I can't use them to prove my point. Duh.}

I didn't really pay much attention to the guys -- all of their entrances were too cheesy and terrible. And, I didn't even watch the cocktail party.

At this point, I'm not so sure how much I'll tune in, but I definitely want to see the episodes when they're in Iceland on the active volcano!

Anyway, I've read some of {he's the one that, somehow, always has the dirt on these shows}, and it seems that quite a bit of drama happens.

So, who's watching Ali on the Bachelorette?