I've been using Photoshop for several years, but not until recently {the last 8 months, maybe} did I realize that Actions existed.

Actions are pre-programmed steps to do different things to a picture -- enhance areas, change colors, sepia tones, 70s type photos, etc. {That's my definition and most likely not the technical one.} Pioneer Woman has two sets -- one with 6 or 7 and another with maybe 10.

PW Set 1
PW Set 2

I've never really played around with these, but I was looking through an Arkansas photographer's blog and it hit me. The different colored photos aren't SOOC, they use actions and other Photoshop tricks and filters! And I call myself a graphic designer, pshhh.

Anyway, I've mentioned that J and I have aspirations of a couple of gallery walls in our house, and I decided to try my hand at some actions of our own photos in hopes that we could put those up in the house.

Here are two pictures -- I'm showing you the before and after.
This one I took of Gus last summer when I was just figuring out our camera and the new lens we'd gotten. I love the SOOC one, but the B&W is awesome!
J and I had gone to a one-day photography workshop and had to get out and take some pictures pre-sunset. He took this one. We did some minor toning, but the action I did on it made it so cool.

Have you guys ever used actions?