Random Thursday - Pictures, bags and BBQ

It's that time again!

• Did you guys see the moon last night? It was amazing. As we were coming home from dinner, we noticed that the moon was huge and still really low behind some thin, wispy clouds. John was super eager to get the tripod out and try to get some cool shots of the moon. {Can I just say that I hate setting up, but love the reward of getting a good shot as a result of taking the time to set up?} Anyway, below is one of the cooler shots we got. It's been super windy here, and we used a really slow shutter speed, which made the trees really soft. Below is the original and then I grayscaled the picture and did a little extra stuff to it in Photoshop. I think it turned out really cool {and a little creepy ...}.

And, one more that John took of a car driving down our street. It might be the coolest SOOC pic we got last night.

• I'm a preferred customer with Coach. Oh, you are too? Yeah, I'm pretty sure if you've bought a Coach bag, you're a preferred customer. Anyway, they've enticed me with 25% off if I go into the store. I've been jonesing over a couple of bags for a really long time. 

Audrey in black -- $398 {$298.50 after the 25% discount}

Madison Op-Art Sateen Audrey -- $358 {$268.50 after the 25% discount}

I really prefer the top bag because I need a black bag {hello, how do I not have a basic black bag?? It's really a travesty ...} and I don't really want the Cs all over it. I'm not so sure that J will go for it. Anyone want to distract him while I make the trek to the Coach store?

• We went to Tulsa last weekend for a BBQ benefit for a fraternity brother of John's who has cancer. Greg is just 31 and has been battling tumors for several years. He and his wife have twins {John and Samantha} and he has a hospital bed in the living room that's now been converted into his personal room. Anyway, some of their really good friends put together a BBQ with a wine pull {that was my first experience with that} and a silent auction and they raised A LOT of money for the family. Anyway, I got like one picture all weekend and it's not even that great. But I loved seeing so many people {they think there were around 250 people there!} show up to support the family. If praying is your thing, please say a little prayer for he and his family.