Link Love

Velocity Art & Design
I  just stumbled upon this site, and after only looking at the pillows they sell, I'm planning to check back often. And, as an added bonus, it looks like the majority {if not all} of the pillows are on sale!

• Henry Road
I found this site today also. I get a Popsugar Daily email every day and today one of the exciting things going on was a sale on this site. Again, I'd never been on there, but they had some great pillows {noticing a pattern yet?} and some really cool furniture.

Lonny Magazine
This is a strictly online magazine that {I think} comes out every other month. This thing has lots of inspiration. I love pretty much all of the spaces they showcase and they have a bunch of good links to websites and blogs in there. And, I use a lot of their ads and page layouts as inspirations for my work.

These are sister brother websites with all kinds of things. Outblush has clothes, gadgets, bags, makeup, jewelry and all kinds of other great things. Uncrate has all that kind of stuff for guys -- and some people think the guy's site is better than the girl's, but I'm not sure I agree. There are always several things that peak my interest.

Jessica Hische
Like a couple of the other links, I just found this, and I'm couldn't be much more excited. I've been on the hunt for some design sites/blogs and this one is really cool! Just like Jessica, I love different fonts and she does a "dropcap of the day." So great!

These are the ones I can think of {or found ...} at the moment. I'm going to keep looking for more. There's this really awesome dress website I saw mentioned on a couple other blogs, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it was called. Ugh, I'm going to work on that ...

What websites do you frequent??