La Dolce Vita FLOR Giveaway

Have you ever checked out La Dolce Vita? It's this great home decor blog by Paloma, based in Houston. She always has great features and great room ideas!

Right now, LDV is doing a giveaway.

Have you ever heard of FLOR? They are rug tiles that you can put together for custom sizes. They come in many different styles and patterns. Paloma showed us the Lattice pattern in the cinnabar/bisque combination.

I've been getting these catalogs for a while. I usually look through them and see plenty of things I like, but I've always been a bit wary of the fact that you have to put them together. Plus, I've always been unsure of the quality.

Looks like my worrying has been over nothing, because Paloma said hers was great and Brooklyn Limestone {another home decor blog} put the faux bois Flor in her "box room."

So, now I'm sold!

Head over to LDV and enter in her giveaway, but fair warning, I plan on winning!