I Have a Confession to Make

So, you know how I ran my first half marathon? Yeah, well, I've been basking in pride at accomplishing my goal, that my expensive running shoes haven't touched pavement since March 28.


And, can I also mention that I've been eating like I was during training {minus the actual training}? Do you know what that means? My pre-race flat-ish stomach is no longer flat-ish, so much as rounding back out.

Whoops ... again!

But, J and I have decided that he {we} are going to do the Couch to 5K training.

Our little town does a 4th of July run every year, and we both want to run it. {We want to actually run it, unlike a couple of years ago when we signed up and woke up early the morning of, but J got "scared" because there might be storms...}. J wants to get back in shape and I think I'd like to maybe work on shaving a little time off of my usual pace.

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I'd run with Miley and her boyfriend, but they're so much deeper than the average person/couple and their runs are probably way more spiritual than what I'm used to ... {I know, what?!}

Happy Monday friends!