Gallery Wall

We've lived in our house for almost four years, and even though it's far from a finished product, I feel pretty good about some spots in our house.

A couple of "problem areas" in my mind are the master bedroom and the wall above our couch in the living room -- both of which I want to fill with a gallery wall.

Let's start with the living room.

During Christmas we moved the furniture around to accommodate our tree and since then, we've left it as is. But, this leaves the wall over the couch empty. We had plans to hang a mirror {that we got about 2 years ago}, but it's proved to be more of a hassle than not. We'll hang it eventually, but maybe we'll find somewhere else for it. What I really want to do is use the space for a gallery wall. 

Here's a picture of the wall above the couch {notice the scratches on the wall and screw anchored to the wall? Those are remnants from failed attempts at hanging the mirror}. 

And, here's a picture of two walls in our bedroom. {Please excuse all of our bedroom -- its pretty much the one room that I've done nothing with.}

I'd like to either do a gallery wall across from the bed or above the bed, in lieu of a headboard or anything of that kind. And, just to ease your mind, I bought the bookcase I mentioned in this post, and I have a side table that I need to paint black and we'll be well on our way to having a normal master bedroom. Ha! Oh, and there's a mirror that I want to get form Wal-Mart {gasp!} that I want to get to replace that cheap full-length one leaning against the wall. 

Here is some gallery wall inspiration:

from here

from here

from here

I know there are other pictures of gallery walls out there, but I'm kind of sick of searching and I think you get the idea. As we keep working on it, I'll keep you posted!