A Doctah, a doctah, she's marrying a doctah!

Wow, sorry about my hiatus -- I keep wanting to post, but considering I haven't been wanting to take the time to put together an interesting post, I've put off posting {can I say post anymore in one sentence?}.

Anyway, last weekend we went to the wedding of one of J's fraternity brothers, Brandon. He and Namali met in medical school and we were so excited to see them get married!

The wedding party waiting on Mr. and Mrs. Pierson to finally be introduced. {love their logo!}

The first dance.

more first dance -- they looked really great on the dance floor

great idea!

bouquet toss {and Namali had -- obviously -- changed into this beautiful saree}

The Carsons and us {uhh, sorry that Josh is randomly in a shadow, don't know what happened...}

The Piersons and the Sigma Chis

The Piersons!!!

We had a great time at Brandon and Namali's wedding and we're really excited that they'll be doing the residencies in OKC!!

PS -- anyone know what movie the post title is from?