Random Thursday

• Do you read The Pioneer Woman's blog? She always has the best looking food on there. I've only ever made a couple of things that she's posted {stuffed mushrooms -- they were a hit!, and quesadillas -- I think she made shrimp, we made chicken}. The recipe I want to try the most is her macaroni and cheese. I am a sucker for mac & cheese. Anytime I see it on a menu, it's automatically one of my sides, or a first course, or desert, or my main meal, or all of the above.

Have you tried it? Or any of her other recipes?

• It's my birthday, which means I have birthday money. I already have a little bit of it earmarked for something I want for our bedroom.

See, I have these nasty {not really, but since I'm now 27 and I've had them since I was 19 or 20, I consider them nasty} plastic drawers that I keep my socks, underthings, pajamas, etc in. While I love that I've had them since living in the sorority house, I think it's time to move up to some grownup furniture.

I found this bookcase on target.com and I've loved it for months. My plan is to use the drawer on the bottom for said underthings and hopefully socks {if they'll fit} and then get some baskets for one or two of the lower shelves. Thus, eliminating the need for my nasty plastic drawers.

• Do you watch Young and the Restless? I've watched this soap for a really long time, but I recently {about a year ago} got back in to it and I DVR it every day. Can I tell you that it's getting gooood! If you don't know anything or don't care about this at all ... you can move on, but if you care, keep reading.

Adam, Victor's son, is in the midst of his life falling apart. All of Genoa City is figuring out all of his lies and misdeeds and he's finally having to answer some questions. And, finally, Sharon and Nick are figuring out that their baby is alive! I hate everything Adam did to all these people, but at the same time I feel bad for him. He loves Sharon, and I think he really wants to do good by her.

Anyway, I know it's a little crazy to be so into this show, but I can't help myself. It's really good, and I can't wait to see what happens with Adam next. And, when will Nick and Sharon figure out that Ashley's baby is actually their baby {conveniently named Faith, also}?

• Word on the street is that after this nice weather we're having this week, we'll be back to cold snaps and more "active" weather. Yes! {not.} I can handle rain -- in fact, I like a rainy day ... when I get to be at home. But if rainy weather comes along with colder temperatures, I'm not really going to be a fan. But, I do like the fact that rain is a sign that Spring is on the way!

What I really want is warm weather, and beers on a patio -- preferably on a day when I don't have to work. Thanks!

• I'm only a little over a week away from my first ever half-marathon. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I'll be running with some friends, and hopefully when we get to the hills {my nemesis ...} they can encourage me and push me through. I'm using my great 10-miler as inspiration for 13.1!!