Random Thursday {on Friday}

This week has been way busier than I thought it would be...hence, Random Thursday, on Friday.

Let's get to it:

•The weather couldn't be much better today. After weeks of cold and way too much snow for the state of Oklahoma, it looks like the gods of Spring are finally smiling down on us. The high for today was 67, and the sun's been shining it's pretty little face all day! But, I'm sure, just as I hit "publish" on this little post, the sun will sneak back behind the clouds and the wind will pick up and we'll be on the verge of some kind of "winter" storm.

•I posted about a swimsuit from Target {I think it was in my last Random Thursday post}. I decided not to get that one, and instead got this one:

I really like the green color and I love the jewel in the center of the bandeau top {yes, I'm getting rid of those center straps, asap}. Unfortunately, I ordered this beauty with the intention of taking it on our upcoming cruise, but I checked the status of my order yesterday and it's scheduled to be here between March 18 {my birthday, thankyouverymuch} and April 2. Nice. And, the coolest part is that I could have gotten it when I was in Austin last weekend, but didn't and now I may be {new} swimsuitless! boo!

•Ever since J's truck has been at the body shop getting fixed {yep, still there, and that rental he got? we lovingly call it the smoke wagon}, I've been driving more than usual. We took my car to Austin last weekend {thank you Enterprise Rental Car, for your "no leaving the state" policy} and I've been driving to work most of this week. What does this have to do with anything? I hate that I'm putting so many miles on my car. I mean, I know cars are meant to be driven, but seriously, I have way too many miles on there! I wish that whole driving backward to take miles off the car thing worked. Damn you Ferris Bueller and your foolish attempts to make Cameron happy!

•I got a letter in the mail the other day about going back to school. Even though I applied for this thing back in July or August and I had the opportunity to start in October {thanks for the short notice, btw}, it looks like I won't be starting until this August. Ugh! But, my plan is to buy the books and supplies for the classes and potentially start in on the work, and maybe, just maybe, I'll put myself ahead of the game??!!

•We don't have big plans for the weekend, but I have a to-do list {what? me? have a list? never!} of things that need to get done around the house before we leave. Lots of laundry, cleaning and a little rearranging, which always gets J's blood a-pumpin' {not}.

Have a good one, peeps!