Random Thursday {on Friday ... again}

As I mentioned last Thursday, things have been so crazy, and I really wanted to do a Random Thursday post yesterday, but it didn't happen. How about a Random Friday? Ok, cool, 'cause I was going to do it no matter what.

• I ran 10 miles yesterday. Yep, 10 miles, in one workout. And, although it took me about 6 minutes longer than I wanted, I'm ecstatic that I did all 10. Also, I felt great the entire run. No problems, not out of breath and my legs were great. After yesterday, I'm getting really excited about my first half-marathon!

Unfortunately, I haven't quite mastered the idea of charging my garmin after every run, so I had to just my iPhone app, Runkeeper. I like the app fine, but I really prefer my garmin -- I just think it's more accurate. Not to self: charge your Garmin after each run.

• I've been to Walgreens and the grocery store a couple times this week, and all of that glorious Easter candy has been calling my name. I was able to resist, until yesterday. I had to pick up a prescription from Walgreens, and I couldn't take it anymore. I had to have a Reese's PB egg. It was amazing, and honestly, I could go for another one now. {Uhh, there are 170 calories in that thing. It was worth it yesterday -- hello, 10 miles! -- but not so sure it should happen again...}


• I love shoes {honestly, who doesn't?} and I would really love a pair of fabulous shoes! Any would do -- Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Giuseppe Zanotti ... I could go on. Here are a couple of the Loubs I'm crushing on {honestly, if I'm paying that much for shoes, I just want a classic pair that will last me forever. I can go crazy on the second pair.}

Nude Patent Platform {$625}

Black Crescent-toe Pump {$695}

There are many other pairs that I love, but these are the only two I had the patience to post the picture, name and price. For more from the CL classic line, go here

• John's brother and I were talking last night, and we figured out that there's something going on every weekend until the end of April. I'm talking birthdays, half-marathons, trip places, Easter and other things I can't think of right now. Anyway, times are crazy, but I'm glad we're entering Spring!! Bring on the warm weather and eating on patios!