Holy Gossip, Batman!

I used to read celebrity gossip all.the.time, but I've scaled back a little and now I'm starting to really feel out of the loop.

My favorite gossip website is Popsugar.com. They have a celebrity gossip blog, but also ones for fashion, beauty, all things techy, babies, homes, etc. Pretty much you can find something you're interested in among the PopSugar family.

Anyway. While we were in the Miami airport about two weeks ago {for our 3 hour wait} I saw on a gossip rag that Jesse James was caught cheating on Sandra Bullock. I saw it, but completely dismissed it as false because I'd been a cruise ship all week and had heard nothing about it. Turns out it's true and so devastating. Poor Sandra. I really like her {hello, she has a house in Austin!} and I thought they were really great together -- especially after her Golden Globe {or was it Oscar} speech.

This isn't the mag that I saw, but obviously it has a similar cover.

So, after the Sandra story, I've been back to checking PopSugar a lot more regularly. 

Have you read about all the concern for Lindsay Lohan? I mean it's really nothing new -- hello, she's been spiraling out of control for a while now. But when some LA policemen weigh in on the fact that she might be close to death, I think it might be time to take some action. 

I found this picture in some links from PopSugar.

The girl is leaving a house party with suspicious white powder all over her feet and shoes. 

She loves to have a good time, but really? Leaving the house with that all over yourself? You'd think she has some friends who might be looking out for her best interest.

Get the girl some help.