I've been wanting to blog all week, but due to the fact that we've been crazy, I haven't really wanted to spend my down time captioning pictures and coming up with witty posts to entertain my one reader. So, what does this mean for you? This means that {if all goes as planned} you'll get two, maybe three posts tonight! I'll pause while you guys do a little happy dance ...

Finished? Ok ... onward.

Here are pictures from our cruise. Keep in mind that I was sans camera for the first 3 or 4 days {I know... a tragedy}, so these pictures are from last 4 days of our trip.

Whoops, I take that back. I took this picture when we were tendering {taking a boat from the ship to land} into Grand Cayman. It's a bride {if you couldn't tell from the large white dress, veil and bouquet}

Isla Roatan on St. Patrick's Day {that's not our ship in the background}

Isla Roatan is off the coast of Honduras. We didn't venture far from the shopping area right off the dock. We talked to a couple of the people who worked there, and they said that this area was only 2 months old. And the Mayor of Isla Roatan had built the area and then sold it to Carnival for 34 million dollars. Nice little chunk of change, eh?

Roatan is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, and it's a SCUBA diving hotspot. This was a sunken ship in the cove where our ship docked. As we were leaving it was pouring rain and the winds really picked up. We had to delay our departure until the winds could die down some.

The ship had a "Shogun" casino, complete with warriors. This was taken on my birthday -- one of the formal dinner nights. {Check out my rockin' skinny arm!}

Me and my birthday buddy, Johnny. I think it was a lot more fun that we shared a birthday {and the attention}. 

Me, Savio {bartender at the Bronx bar} and John. Savio was our favorite Carnival Valor worker!

Kayla and me {with Edita being RUDE in the background}. We tried to take this picture several times, but some of our "friends" coerced other casino-goers to follow us and ruin the pictures!

The group {minus Vic, who was usually MIA and Gracie -- how did we lose her??}.

Vic met some ADPis from Jacksonville State in Grand Cayman. This is what they did in their pictures. That's the only explanation I have.

Vic met some Sigma Chis from George Washington, and they had to take a group pic.