Ch Ch Changes

I'm sure most of you noticed immediately the subtle changes that have emerged here on Montycosm, but I'll go ahead and point them out anyway.

Somehow I googled just the right thing {I'm really good at Google} and found exactly the tutorial I needed to get rid of those annoying boxes from around all of my pictures on here. Yes, I'm one step closer to making this blog look a little more custom!

And, did you notice that the header is no longer too big for the box around it? I didn't shrink it down, I just happened upon another great tutorial that helped me get rid of the box from around the header, too!

While these aren't monumental changes, I'm pretty proud to be patting myself on the back for finding the right html tutorial and then actually locating the html code that needed changing, and changing it correctly, without completely screwing up the blog in the process.

Anyway, maybe when I have a little more time on my hands {not sure when that'll happen} I'll get around to diving a little deeper into html and work on more customizations. But, I won't do it too fast. So, for now, I'll let you all settle yourselves into the frameless pictures and headers.

Happy Wednesday!