35 Years Young

Today is Gus' birthday. He turns 5 and I cannot believe that we've had him in our family for that long! I remember going to the breeder's house and just wanting to "look" at puppies.

Gus was the smallest of all the puppies and all of his brothers would crawl all over him to get to us, but he would stay in the back and let them have all of the attention. He was {and still is} the most handsome of all the boys, and we were immediately drawn to him.

The breeder told us that if he was going to keep any of the puppies, he would have chosen Gus. We took him out of the pin and put him in the grass for the first time -- and he's LOOOVED grass ever since!

Gus has definitely kept us on our toes for the last five years -- "running away", chewing on Lily's blanket, getting trash out of the trash can, getting into the trashcan and so many other hilarious things. We love to come home to he and Lily because they're always happy to see us!

Happy 5th {35th} birthday Gus!!

How can you resist those eyes?!

Poor guy almost lost a claw!

Gus' summer 'do -- I thnk we'll give him a mohawk again this summer!