Valentine's Weekend

We had plans for the weekend that included a fun Opening Ceremonies party for the Olympics and a Valentine's date night on Saturday.

The party was way fun. Although we stressed about our costumes {we were Japan}, it all worked out ok and we had a blast -- no pictures though...

We took Sapporo and sushi for our themed food and beverage and put a little effort into our costume, but the other countries way outdid our costume. Oh well...I'm not one for costume parties. {I wish I were, because I always want to have a really great costume, but I'm not really willing to spend the money or the time putting it together.}

Moving On...

Saturday we planned to chill and then had dinner reservations at Seven47. They usually have a special four or five-course meal option for Valentine's day but this year they had just a few extras on the menu. We were really looking forward to a date night, but that came to a crashing {literally...} halt.

On our way up to Norman, we got in a wreck. 

It wasn't our fault, but it was really scary. John's truck got pretty messed up and the side-curtain airbags deployed, leaving us unable to really see, and the truck pretty just shut itself down -- no power steering, no power brakes...

Luckily some good samaritans stopped and towed us into a parking lot, where we waited for the cop to show up. The other driver ended up in another parking lot, but they, too, called the police. Thank goodness! I felt really bad for the girls in the other car -- they were a couple of high school girls. I hate this kind of thing for anyone!

We got J's truck towed back to town, but by the time it was all said and done, it was 10:30 and neither of us was in the mood to eat or anything. What a bummer!

I took a couple pics of his truck:

Those are the airbags ... thank God for those!

Hope you guys had a great Valentine's weekend!