Random Thursday

• A plane crashed into a building in NW Austin this morning. I saw it on Facebook and then saw some pictures on an Austin news website. As far as I know, the guy who was flying the plane set his house on fire before flying into the building and the building is in an office complex that also houses some CIA and IRS offices. The last I heard was that two people were unaccounted for and CNN is reporting that they are dead. Homeland security says that there is no reason to believe that this is related to Terrorist -- but I'm suspicious.

This is awful. The office park/building is only about 10-15 minutes from my parent's house and really it's just unfathomable to think that someone would do that! I'm keeping everyone in that area in my thoughts.

The pilot was Joseph Stack, 53, who owned a software company. Apparently, he was upset with the IRS and his website outlines his problems with them and said something to the effect of the fact that violence "is the only answer." 

Homeland security has stated that this had no connection to any terrorist groups and two people have been sent to the hospital. One to Seton and one with second-degree burns was sent to San Antonio.

For more detailed information go to: http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/small-plane-hits-echelon-on-mopac-183

•John is finally getting a rental car today! We've been sharing {read: racking up the miles} on my car since Saturday and I'm pumped that the insurance companies are functioning and are finally getting him a rental. But, word from the body shop guy is that it'll be "a long time" before he gets his beloved Big Black {his terrible/hilarious nickname for his truck} back.

•Just over 3 weeks until we set sail on a fabulous Caribbean cruise! Cayman Island, Isla Routan, Cozumel and one other place I can't remember, here.I.come!

•I am loving the Olympics! No surprise there, because I've always loved the Olympics. On Tuesday night we went to dinner in Bricktown for John's aunt, and missed most of the evening coverage. Boo...hiss! {We had a great time at dinner, though.} So far, seeing Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn win gold have been the best two moments.

I really hate it when someone crashes, misses a jump, falls, what-have-you and dashes their Olympic dream, no matter what country their from.

Tonight, Evan Lysacek goes for gold in men's figure skating, there's more skiing and I think they're showing hockey too and maybe more speed skating? I don't care, I'll pretty much watch any coverage of the Olympics. USA! USA! USA!

•My Words with Friends on my phone is really ticking me off! Ever since Saturday or Sunday, every time I open the app, it is "updating" for a minute or two and then it just crashes. I was going to buy the non-free version, thinking maybe the ads or the fact that it's the free one, might be my problem, but I read reviews for both in the App store and it looks like I'm not the only one. C'mon Apple app creators, get with the program and fix WWF soon!

Happy Thursday...Friday can't come soon enough!