Random Thursday

Here are a few random things floating in my overly-crowded brain today:

• The Bachelor. Why do I keep watching this trash? Jake is {to say this kindly} boring and extremely cheesy, and the fact that he chooses Vienna has slipped out, makes things even worse. I don't know this girl, but let's just say that the way she's portrayed on tv {and the stuff coming out in those totally believable tabloids} and the comments her competitors make about her make me question everything. Even though people know this show is not real, people {me included, unfortch} keep watching. 

• Our dogs are FINALLY getting baths today -- and it's snowing ... again. Gus and Lily have needed baths for weeks, but either we haven't had time to get them in or the weather has been nasty. Finally they'll get their nails trimmed, Gus can get that hot chocolate smell out of his fur {my fault...with the help of him unexpectedly jumping in my lap} and they'll come home with cute bandanas on.

•My birthday is coming up {just over 30 shopping days left!} and I have a few things on my list. Here are a couple:

I really want this bookcase to go in our bedroom on my side of the bed. Then I can finally get rid of our nasty plastic drawers that I've had since sophomore year of college. Pppplease??

All three of these dresses {the second two are out of stock, but if you want, I can sign up and they'll tell me when/if they restock!} from modcloth.com

And something along these lines. I have an iPod, but those dang earbuds do.not stay in my ears. And, I've even tried the "in-ear" ones, and they don't either.

• Valentine's Day is this weekend and {I got a haircut today} my stylist mentioned that she and her husband were just going to stay home and cook but she wanted to go out for a "really good dessert." I think this is a great idea! You can cook good food at home and enjoy each other's company in the comfort of your own home, but you still get to go out and eat something decadent. I'm thinking of implementing this kind of tradition in the Montgomery home. 

• I haven't mentioned this on the blog, but we're going on a cruise soon and I'm excited. But, I'm about as pale as it gets and I'm not really one for tanning, so any suggestions? I'm kinda planning to get a spray tan before we leave, but this won't help with the burning bit in the sun. {Don't worry, I plan to slather myself in baby oil bring my trusty cans of 30 spf spray.}

Happy Thursday!