HMT: Update

I'm on my last week of half workouts before I'm supposed to run the race. And, since the Ardmore race is about four weeks away, I'm doing really well.

I ran 9 miles this weekend, and I'm so proud of my pace and ability to finish!

I had plans to do my long run on Sunday {as usual}, but the weathermen were preaching all-day rain, so I had to do a quick change of plans and run on Saturday. I'm really glad I did. Even though it didn't rain all day, it was definitely colder on Sunday and the wind was a little fiercer.

Anyway, onto how my run went.

I ate the Jelly Belly energy beans before my run {like usual}. I love those! I think they work really well. I can feel the energy they give me before I even hit the pavement. By about mile 6.5 or so, I thought I'd try a Gu. I've been really hesitant to try these because I have a serious issue with food texture and the fact that they're gels worried me.

So, I stopped {and stopped my Garmin thankyouverymuch} and opened the Gu. I sucked down half of the berry flavored Gu and I almost gave it all back. It took all that I had to keep it down.

Although I had issues with the texture, it tasted fine and it definitely helped out my energy and was probably a big help in getting me through all 9 miles.

I've been taking a water bottle with me on my long runs, too. I'm really trying to get used to eating and drinking while I run, because I know I'll need to do that during the actual race.

So, I finished 9 and I couldn't have been much happier with my pace and time. I kept my pace at 9:20 {which I haven't really been able to do on my long runs recently -- I usually slow down when I get past 5 miles}, so I think I have the Gu to thank for that. And I'm thinking if I can keep my pace at 9:20 during the actual race, I can run a sub-2 hour half. Yes! But, this half isn't about time or pace, it's about finishing. I have a goal of running a half-marathon and as long as I cross the finish line, no matter my time, I will have accomplished my goal.

Anyway, I have a 10 miler this weekend, and then I think, since I still have a couple weeks until the race, I'm going to try to get as close to 13 as possible.