Eight great years

Our precious Lilbug turns 8 today {thats 56 in human years}.

Even though she's bravely battling cancer and pretty much blind in at least one eye and partially blind in the other, she loves life and couldn't be a better dog. She loves her kibble and any occasion that calls for {too many} treats.

We tried to find a bakery to buy her a cupcake or something, but with minimal time, we hit up PetsMart for some cookies {that she loved!}.

Here are a couple pics of our girl:

You've seen this one before, but I love it!

She's soo pretty!

Bundled up!

She always makes us laugh. She is obsessed with licking things -- arms, legs, her arms/legs, feet, knees, faces, you name it, she'll try to lick it. Occasionally, when she's really excited, Lily will jump and spin. She's like an acrobat! She doesn't particularly like toys, but everytime we put treats in Gus' toy, she's on pins and needles to clean the floor of the treat debris. 

We love Lily and are so glad she became a part of our family two and a half years ago!