Season Roulette

Remember that crazy Christmas Eve blizzard? Well, looks like the great state of Oklahoma is in for it again. And, word is, it could be a little worse {in a shorter time-frame} than last time.

Right now, if the storm takes the "Southern Track," we can expect rain in the morning, freezing rain/ice by noon and anywhere from 3-11" of snow that they say could fall through the night and still be falling by midday on Friday.


I guess Gary England's arctic barn door is opening once again. It is still winter, I guess.

But honestly, if it is winter, why are we having 50 degree weather with a serious winter storm on the horizon? C'mon Mother Nature, PICK A SEASON!

On another note, I ran to the store today to get a few things we needed {milk, bananas ... the usual} and picked up some clementines.

My brother had these over Thanksgiving for his two {completely adorable, and, from what I hear, completely tooty} kids. I'd never had one.

But, after eating the whole bag a couple, here is what I've learned: they are super sweet and super good, they are the easiest fruit to peel and they're so small and delicious...a perfect snack!

Pick up some clementines at your local grocery, you won't be sorry {unless you hate them, because then you'll be really sorry that you wasted your money}.