Running: A Pro/Con

I know this blog has been a bit running-obsessed recently, but what can I say. I'm training for a half-marathon, what else should I be focused on?? Yes, you guessed it, nothing.

So, in honor of my newest obsession, I'm doing a bit of a pro/con of running.

Without further ado, here's my list.

•It's a killer workout. I ran 4 miles this morning and burned around 400 calories! Talk about killer
•When done in the morning, it really gets my metabolism going {hello extra snacks!}. I love being able to sneak in a few extras when I know I've done my workout.
•The feeling of accomplishing a long run at a great pace is like nothing else! I feel so proud of myself when I can check off my daily training.

•It's a killer workout. While running x amount of miles sounds easy, it's infinitely harder than anyone thinks. On Sunday I was doing my 5 mile long-run and after running for what I felt like was a significant amount of time, I checked my Garmin. I'd only run 2.75 miles. I thought for sure I'd run 3.5 miles. That was a bit of a setback. But, perseverance won out, and I finished my 5 miles.
•My feet are not for faint of heart. Yeah, running's great and all, but I couldn't consciously wear open-toed shoes. I'd love to get a pedicure, but honestly, who wants to deal with the running aftermath that are my feet?
•The cold weather. Ok, so that's not really a con of running. But, getting out there and running my allotted distance is tough enough, but throw in morning temperatures in the 20s, with even colder wind chills and getting out of bed to run in that? Tough.

All in all, I think the pros definitley outweight the cons and maybe that's why I'm crazy and have decided to run two halves! I'm committed and plan on doing my 6-mile long run on Sunday.