It's baaaack!

I've loved Project Runway ever since {I think} Christmas break my {I think, again...} senior year of college.

I just happened to be flipping through the channels one morning while my mom was slaving a way on some eggs and bacon, and I noticed a wedding dress coming down a runway on one channel. I had already flipped ahead a couple of channels, but once that image was processed, I went back.

I was pumped! This looked like some kind of fashion show. And, then I saw that Heidi Klum was on there and they were critiquing the designs. I remember that Wendy Pepper {the loathed mom from Pennsylvania -- I think...} won this particular challenge. Her wedding dress was pretty normal, except for the peek of red. I loved that little bit of unconventionality and that's what drew me in.

So, here we are. Season 7 started on Thursday. This is the second season on Lifetime {it's first home was Bravo, but because of some lawsuits, it has made its way to Lifetime} and we are back to NYC.

I have to say that there are some very interesting characters on there this go-round. Here are a few of the designers I'm looking forward to getting to know over the next x-number of episodes!

Emilio -- His dress won the first challenge {and won him immunity for the second challenge}. I wasn't so sure about his dress at first. It kind of looked like a mess of purple and weird circles. But, I have to admit that when it came down the runway it looked really cool. I loved the skirt on the dress -- so fun and flirty and when you really looked at the bodice of the dress, it was obvious that he'd worked really hard. The illusion of the ribbons hanging out of the bodice was a nice touch. I'm looking forward to seeing what else he has up his sleeve.

Anthony -- Ok, my first reason that I love him was toward the beginning of the episode. The fourth boy roommate {of one of the boy rooms} had arrived and he was given the "broken" bed in the front room. He said, "That's ok, I'm the skinniest one here. It'll be fine." Then someone else said "well, I'm 145 lbs." someone else said "I'm 154." and another one said "I'm 200." Anthony said, "I need water!" HA! Hilarious. I kind of loved his dress also. It was definitely different and I think fabric looked a little more like upholstery fabric than fashion fabric, but I'm intrigued by his personality.

Amy -- She's young and I loved the skirt on her first outfit/dress. I thought the fabric and volume were awesome and I think she's going to have a lot of really great ideas.

Anna --She's also young, but they showed some pictures of her work and I loved it. It was so sweet and innocent and girly. I also love that she just graduated from RISD and studied print making. One of my favorite things is when people are altogether creative and can turn a love of art into interesting and beautiful fashion design.

Those are my early favorites.

Yay for Project Runway {and Heidi and Tim and Michael all being back!!!}