Is this Wisconsin?

Ice Storm 2010 is in full effect.

Our power went out around 2:45 yesterday afternoon. And, we got our power back around 1 a.m. this morning. But, it seems like we might be one of only 2 houses with power in our town.

The main downer is that, yes, we have power, but we don't have heat. Somehow the storm knocked out a switch on the heater and we're waiting on the repair guy to bring the part so we can get heat going in the house.

Anyway, this storm has brought us just about everything. Yesterday started with rain, wind and chilly temperatures and by mid-morning ice had already started to accumulate. By around 5 or 6, the rain turned to sleet {which is a blessing, honestly, because more rain meant more ice which meant more trees and limbs would be in jeopardy}.

This morning it was still sleeting but around 10:30 or so, it turned to snow. The tv weathermen {yay, tv!!} say that right now the snow is falling at a rate of an inch an hour and we can expect anywhere from 3-5 inches.

Last night, we had a downed power line across our driveway, and were stunned when around 10:30 p.m. we heard chainsaws and some men were outside our house cutting down trees and fixing the messed up power line.

I have some crazy pictures and I'm taking full advantage of our power to show you guys just what's goin' down in central OK.

Our front "landscaping" {I definitely use that term loosely} mid-afternoon yesterday

same as above, just a little closer

One of our trees this morning. Thank goodness we had this tree trimmed before Christmas.

Same tree

A limb from that tree in our font "flower bed"

trees across the street with many broken limbs

Neighbor's house this morning. Notice the driveway is only icy

Other neighbor's tree that split in half completely and fell into a power line {far left of picture}

Aaaaand, we have snow.

the snow is really coming down

front "landscaping" with limbs down, ice and snow

So, anyway, you'd think we live in some north Midwestern state, but we live in Oklahoma. And, by June we'll be in the midst of hundred degree temperatures. Ahh, the beauty of all four seasons.