Heidi "I have a plastic surgery obsession" Montag

Do you watch The Hills on MTV? Even if that isn't one of your guilty pleasures, you surely know who Heidi Montag is {now Pratt, I guess}. She and Lauren Conrad {former star of The Hills} notoriously fought over her relationship with Spencer Pratt, but that's whole other post.

LC {yeah, we're close} has since left the show and The Hills now centers around Heidi and Spencer {sort of}.

Well, it seems Heidi is a little plastic surgery obsessed. According to the cover of People, she had 10 procedures in one day. If you were to see pics of her from her cameos on MTV's original series Laguna Beach, you would be floored to see the differences.

Even after her nose job and breast implants, she still pretty much looked like the same person. But now...I'm not so sure that's the case. She's morphing into someone who doesn't even look real. But, who doesn't love the constant surprised look of an eyebrow lift?

Have you ever seen this girl? I saw her on Oprah one time and she's had some 30 plastic surgeries {don't quote me on that, I can't remember the exact number, but it's up there...}.

I think it's sad that someone like Heidi is obsessed with plastic surgery. She's a gorgeous girl and she's supposedly very happily married {even despite their weird issues with having children}, so I don't understand why someone would want to/feel like they need to change the way they look.