Four days later

The storm may have happened on Thursday, but it's still causing problems.

We got power back on at our house on Friday and the heat came back on late Friday afternoon, too {thanks to the repair guy making the trek to south OKC for a part we may or may not have even needed}. And, since we had power and heat, John's parents and brother have been staying with us. {Somehow they've been super unlucky and haven't had either since mid-afternoon on Thursday.}

Still, the frustration of this storm continues.

Just this evening we lost power again. Four times. And the fourth time lasted about an hour, and almost caused me a bit of a breakdown.

I'm fine now, and it seems like the power might stay on this time {crossing all appendages...}.

But, so many people and businesses are without anything and their stress level has to be sky high. So, even though I've lost power four times today {have I mentioned we lost power four times??}, I am thankful that we have power now, and heat and a warm place for my family to stay.

Emotions and frustration are worth it to help others.

But I am hoping things get back to normal sooner rather than later {and I think everyone else involved wants the exact same thing}.