A dream come true

I love all things sweet, but when presented with cupcakes, I just cannot resist!

My personal favorite is yellow cake with rainbow chip icing. It just does.not get any better than that!

So, when I was doing my round of blog/website checks, I happened upon outblush.com. This site has lots of great things for girls {and even has a coordinating site for guys: uncrate.com}. One of their posts was for a Mini Cupcake Maker.


This thing makes seven cupcakes in five minutes. Yes, five minutes. Plus, they're mini, so no guilt there {that's what I'm telling myself, anyway}!

I know I've said this before, but if you're looking for something you just have to get me, this might be a good idea. My only issue is finding a place to keep it when I'm not making mini cupcakes {which could, possibly, be never}.