Bedlam win!

The OU Men's basketball team is {how do I say this nicely?} even worse than our football team.

There were high expectations. About as high as they can be, even after losing the Player of the Year in Blake Griffin, last year. {And, wow, we really miss him...}

We've lost to some not-so-stellar opponents. One game in particular, before Christmas in OKC, we lost to UTEP. Yes, the University of Texas at El Paso. {Which, coincidentally, is where the Sooners won their first bowl game in four years.}

Anyway, we played OSU last night. The mood was pretty grim. Word was that our "leader" Willie Warren was suspended for some unknown violation of team rules. Great. Plus the fact that our coach had kicked the team out of the locker room and prohibited them from wearing any kind of gear with OKLAHOMA on it. Nice. We've got a real nice team, Clark.

Even though the team couldn't hit a free throw to save their life and the refs couldn't see an over-the-back foul {usually on you, 33.} to save their life, we pulled out a win! Granted we had to go to overtime, but wow! No one thought we could win the game! Way to go us.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the beginning of something good for the team. But, I'm not holding my breath.