who IS that guy?

The town that we live in has a Christmas parade every year, with Santa riding the fire truck {or ladder truck as my crazy-town husband likes to call it} at the end.

Who did they ask to be Santa this year? Two guesses, and the first doesn't count.

Yes, my hubs.

Pre-Santa get-up

Half of The Look

The parade was last night in the balmy frigid temperatures, and I must say he made a pretty good Santa! {And provided many laughs, and a story to last a lifetime!} There were over 60 floats in this parade and by the time the fire {ladder} truck was in sight, I have to say I was ready for it to be over {only due to the temps, of course}.

J had the Santa wave down pat and though I couldn't hear him from the ground, his "Ho, Ho, Ho" was pretty darn good.

Oh, and don't worry, I definitely got some blackmail pictures. Unfortunately, by the time he was all suited up, I had left him to find the best spot to grab all the candy I could to watch the parade. But, here are a few that should give you a good idea.

The pics above are the best ones I have of the big man, but for to take up more space your viewing pleasure, here are some of the better pics from the parade:

There were several bands, which means it was a real parade.

It's just not right to have a parade without some form of John Deere tractor.

Santa! {Husband!}