New Phone & 100th Post!!

Yesterday morning, I woke up and grabbed my phone. I hit the home button {iphone...} and tried sliding the little button to the right to unlock it. Nothing happened. I tried again, and again, and again, and again, and nothing. This went on for the better part of the morning.

I turned my phone off around 10 different times, but nothing changed.

J and I ventured out to run a few errands, and stopped by the AT&T store. The lady in there wasn't able to do anything.

I came home and called Technical Support. After 40 minutes on the phone with Yolanda {thanks, lady!} my phone was still locked up tight. We updated, restored and restored from back up {mostly spent in friendly silence}.

At that point, I was frustrated and having to use J's sucky Blackberry. After a conversation with my brother, it seemed like I'd exhausted all of my options.

This morning, I decided to make the trek to OKC to brave Penn Square Mall and go to the Apple Store. I mean they have a Genius bar! If they can't do it, no one can! They were, of course, as nice as can be. But, they, too, were unable to unlock my phone. Ugh! So, what did I do? I bought a new 3Gs. Merry Christmas to me...

I like the new phone, but would have probably chosen to not spend $215 on a new phone right now.

On to more exciting news, this is my 100th post! I've really enjoyed blogging and hope that you've enjoyed reading. Thanks so much and here's to at least 100 more!